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About M.Bigland Wedding Photography

Mike says; 'I have always loved photography and video, turning a part time hobby into a full time job was always my number one ambition. My first ever wedding was for a family member, the feeling I got from capturing somebodies special day and seeing their reactions and emotions when viewing their photos afterwards, was absolutely priceless. I absolutely love what I do, and I'm constantly crafting my own personal style.' He has photographed over 50 weddings and events since this time of all shapes and sizes.

'With a big interest in technology and art, Mike Studied Media & Design at Derbyshire Joseph Wright. Photography soon became a forefront passion. Mike began by shooting photos of family members, friends, nature and travel, and soon developed his own personal style which shows in his photographs. After his first wedding he never looked back, and so deciding on a career in wedding photography was the easiest choice he had ever made.

Mike uses some of the best equipment available. His Sony A7Riii 'workhorse' captures ultra high-quality images, through a range of Sony G-master, Sony prime and Samyang lenses. Each and every image is edited in Adobe Lightroom, and additional work is created in Adobe Photoshop.

Mike holds free pre-wedding consultations with clients to get a better understanding of their visions and preferences. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, get in touch below: