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About Me!

Thanks for visiting my site! My name is Mike, I am told that I'm an easy going fella, I like long walks on the beach and... Just kidding. But seriously, I think it's a great thing to know the person who will potentially be shooting photographs for your big day! I'm a bubbly person with a huge enthusiasm for photography & video, and a great love of people. 

As well as shooting weddings I also shoot live music for big artists, so if you're a music fan! here is some of that work:

Seriously though, a little about me. I was born & raised in Derbyshire, which is also where I studied TV & Film, and a further course in Photography. I started shooting photos just for fun, before a family member got married and I shot their special day. I remember showing the images to them on a TV screen at a young age and the emotion in the room from seeing their special day made me fall in love with wedding photography. Since this time I have shot over 50 weddings and have loved every single one, as well as the people that I have come into contact with. Most of which I still keep in touch with to this day! Something I will not do in this description, is bore you like others with how 'fantastic I am', and boast about any 'distinct and unique style of photography'. Photography at its simplest is the best form, natural shots and good timing, the correct settings and seeing the lasting moments that should never be forgotten. My style of photography is candid and relaxed, a beautiful documentation of your special day. I like to think that I shoot weddings the same way that I would like my own wedding to be shot. If you'd like to see what people have said about me, please click below!

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